Generalized 2D principal component analysis



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Kong, H., Li, X., Wang, L., Teoh, E. Khwang., Wang, J. & Venkateswarlu, R. (2005). Generalized 2D principal component analysis. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2005. IJCNN '05. Proceedings. 2005 IEEE (pp. 108-113). Australia: IEEE.


A two-dimensional principal component analysis (2DPCA) by J. Yang et al. (2004) was proposed and the authors have demonstrated its superiority over the conventional principal component analysis (PCA) in face recognition. But the theoretical proof why 2DPCA is better than PCA has not been given until now. In this paper, the essence of 2DPCA is analyzed and a framework of generalized 2D principal component analysis (G2DPCA) is proposed to extend the original 2DPCA in two perspectives: a bilateral-projection-based 2DPCA (B2DPCA) and a kernel-based 2DPCA (K2DPCA) schemes are introduced. Experimental results in face recognition show its excellent performance.

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