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S. Nikolic & W. Li, "Facilitating student and staff engagement across multiple offshore campuses for transnational education using an immersive video augmented learning platform," in IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE), 2016, pp. 1-5.

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ISBN: 9781509055982


Opportunities in transnational education have been growing across the higher education sector. The incentive for institutions to explore opening offshore satellite campuses includes access to more students and building the institutions reputation across the globe. A number of risks are also associated with transnational education, especially in terms of quality. It is important that students across all campuses receive the same high standard of education. That is, students at offshore campuses should not be placed at a disadvantage compared to students studying at the institutions main campus. This paper explores the possibility of providing students from offshore campuses better access to teaching staff from the institutions main campus. An immersive video augmented platform called iSee is used to simultaneously connect students from Singapore and Malaysia with teaching staff in Wollongong. The students undertook an exam revision session using video avatars in a virtual lecture theatre. The pilot showcased the opportunities of implementing this technology to improve student engagement and reduce academic workload. It also reinforced the need for more research in the transnational education field to ensure the same graduate outcomes are being achieved across campuses.



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