A novel distributed max-weight link scheduler for multi-transmit/receive wireless mesh networks



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Y. Xu, K. Chin, R. Raad & S. Soh, "A novel distributed max-weight link scheduler for multi-transmit/receive wireless mesh networks," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 65, (11) pp. 9345-9357, 2016.


Multi-Transmit-receive capability is fast becoming a significant feature of next-generation wireless mesh networks. It enables routers to transmit or receive distinct packets from multiple neighbors simultaneously. A key problem, however, is designing a distributed link-Scheduling algorithm that ensures high network capacity. In this paper, we propose dMaxQ, which is a novel queue-length-Aware distributed link scheduler that requires only one-Hop neighbors' queue information and uses the celebrated max-weight policy in a distributed manner. We have evaluated the performance of dMaxQ in different network topologies for both single-Hop and multihop traffic models and compared it against other approaches, including two queue-Length-aware centralized algorithms and state-Of-The-Art distributed approaches: JazzyMAC and receive-Oriented multiple access. The results show that for single-Hop and multihop traffic scenarios, dMaxQ obtains, respectively, 100% and 90% of the throughput achieved by the theoretical centralized policy. Other distributed algorithms, such as JazzyMAC, only managed 25% of the theoretical throughput.

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