Communication security and privacy support in 6LoWPAN



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Wang, X. & Mu, Y. (2017). Communication security and privacy support in 6LoWPAN. Journal of Information Security and Applications, 34 (2), 108-119.


As an emerging technology, 6LoWPAN can be reachable at any location and at any time via the internet, so it usually suffers from the threats such as disclosure of information, unauthorized use of resources, etc. Taking these threats into account, this paper proposes a Communication scheme with Security and Privacy support for 6LoWPAN (CSP) and aims to achieve the end-to-end communication security. In CSP, if a node launches a session, it creates a new ID to identify itself and uses this new ID to perform communications. After the session ends, this new ID also becomes invalid. Moreover, a new ID is randomly generated without the network prefix or the routing information, so it can infer neither the source network segment a message comes from nor the destination network segment a message goes to. The security of CSP is analyzed and the performance is evaluated to justify its advantages.

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