Video local pattern based image matching for visual mapping



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Wang, L., Li, H. & Hartley, R. (2006). Video local pattern based image matching for visual mapping. 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) (pp. 67-70). Australia: IEEE.


Image matching plays an important role in visual mapping, a critical task of vision based mobile robot navigation. Based on the observation that the visual content in these video sequences generally changes in a slow and continuous mode, a concept of "video local pattern" is proposed to model each video frame, which is defined as a set of frames that are visually-similar and temporally-adjacent to that frame. Instead of manually labelling, a tracking based method is developed to automatically detect the local pattern for each frame. A model is then estimated from a local pattern, and the matching of images is performed by comparing these models. Experimental results demonstrated its improvement over that comparing individual frames

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