Intelligent monitor system based on cloud and convolutional neural networks



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Yong, B., Zhang, G., Chen, H. & Zhou, Q. (2016). Intelligent monitor system based on cloud and convolutional neural networks. Journal of Supercomputing, Online First 1-17.


2016 Springer Science+Business Media New YorkNowadays, cloud-based services are widely developed. The deployment of cloud technology has boosted the development and application of web services. It reduces the overhead of software virtual machine, and supports a wider range of operating systems. Moreover, it enhances the utilization of infrastructure. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, especially artificial neural network (ANN), intelligent monitor systems are being raised and developed in our daily life. However, a simple task with a single ANN costs a lot of time and computation resources. Hence, we propose using a cloud-based system to share computation resources for ANN to reduce redundant computation. In this paper, we present an intelligent monitor system, which is based on cloud technology, to provide intelligent monitor services. The system is designed with hybrid convolutional neural networks. It has been used for several intelligent monitor tasks, such as scene change detection, stranger recognition, facial expression recognition and action recognition.

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