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Shirvani, F., Efatmaneshnik, M. & Campbell, A. P. (2014). An Architecture Framework Modification Supporting the Acquisition Stakeholders. Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation (SETE) (pp. 1-11).


Architectural modeling is gaining support for urban system development to help governments, local agencies and large enterprises acquire, maintain and develop complex infrastructure. This paper proposes a modification to TRAK (The Rail Architecture frameworK) to make it more suitable for acquisition of the general class of urban infrastructure systems. In this paper four of the main system stakeholders, namely acquirer, developer, investor and regulator are chosen and their concerns are identified. In order to identify the gaps, the procurement viewpoints of TRAK are investigated and analyzed to show their inefficiencies in expressing acquisition scenarios and addressing the concerns of those stakeholders. The first main gap is the lack of requirement traceability as there is no viewpoints showing the flow of requirements from acquirer to developers. Also, there is no customized requirement for investor and regulator who have concerns beyond the direct infrastructure system level. As a response to those gaps, four viewpoints are created by using a mixture of TRAK elements. Some new elements are added to TRAK as the existing elements are not enough for creating three of the viewpoints. Finally, the viewpoints are implemented to create a view showing the parts of the architecture which are of concern to those stakeholders. A SysML requirement diagram is used to implement the first two viewpoints as it supports the requirement traceability.