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Park, J. Hwan., Lee, K., Susilo, W. & Lee, D. Hoon. (2013). Fully secure hidden vector encryption under standard assumptions. Information Sciences, 232 188-207.


Hidden Vector Encryption (HVE) is a special type of predicate encryption that can support conjunctive equality and range searches on encrypted data. All previous HVE schemes were proven to be either selectively secure or weakly attribute-hiding. In this paper, we first construct a new HVE scheme that is fully secure under standard assumptions. Our HVE scheme, which is based on bilinear maps (pairings), provides efficiency advantages in that it requires O(1)-sized private keys and O(1) pairing computations for decryption, regardless of both the number of conjunctives and the dimension of vectors. To achieve our goal, we develop a novel technique to realize a tag-based dual system encryption in prime-order groups and show how to hide vector components and compress tag values into one. © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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