Secure channel free ID-based searchable encryption for peer-to-peer group



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Wang, X., Mu, Y., Chen, R. & Zhang, X. (2016). Secure channel free ID-based searchable encryption for peer-to-peer group. Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 31 (5), 1012-1027.


Data sharing and searching are important functionalities in cloud storage. In this paper, we show how to securely and flexibly search and share cloud data among a group of users without a group manager. We formalize a novel cryptosystem: secure channel free searchable encryption in a peer-to-peer group, which features with the secure cloud data sharing and searching for group members in an identity-based setting. Our scheme allows group members to join or leave the group dynamically. We present two schemes: basic scheme and enhanced scheme. We formally prove that our basic scheme achieves consistency and indistinguishability against the chosen keyword and ciphertext attack and the outsider's keyword guessing attack, respectively. An enhanced scheme is also proposed to achieve forward secrecy, which allows to revoke user search right over the former shared data.

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