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Luo, L., Wei, D., Wang, X., Zhou, C., Huang, Q., Xu, J., Wu, D. & Jiang, Z. (2017). Effects of hydraulic pressure on wrinkling and earing in micro hydro deep drawing of SUS304 circular cups. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 90 189-197.


Influences of hydraulic pressure on forming features in micro hydro deep drawing are different from those in normal drawing due to the small size of specimens. In this study, micro hydro deep drawing of SUS304 sheets was carried out in order to study the impacts of the hydraulic pressure on the quality of the drawn cup. Experimental results indicate that there is a critical hydraulic pressure range from 3 to 6 % of the blank's initial yield stress, where wrinkling and earing development trends change twice. The wrinkling and the earing of the drawn cup also reach their local extremes in the critical pressure range. The cup earing value moves in the opposite direction from the wrinkling value. Hydraulic pressure affects the wrinkling and the earing of the drawn cup through changes in the micro-frictional condition, the shape of the blank and its strain-stress state. Micro-finite element (FE) simulation which takes these factors as well as the material size effects into consideration showed similar results to the experimental ones, thus validating the experimental results and the suitability of the micro-simulation model for micro-forming FE simulation. The experimental and simulation results indicate that the critical hydraulic pressure based on the blank's initial yield stress can restrict the wrinkling and the earing of the drawn cup. Ultra-high pressure has the potential to avoid the cup wrinkling and earing.



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