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El-Akruti, K., Dwight, R. & Zhang, T. (2016). Exploring structure and role of engineering asset management system in production organizations. International Journal of Strategic Engineering Asset Management, 3 (1), 1-22.


Little has been done in literature on the structure of Engineering Asset Management System (EAMS) and its relationship to production and organizational strategy. In this paper, the position of an EAMS within an organizational structure and its strategic role within a production organizations strategy has been explored. It is argued that the structure and mechanism of EAMS play a key role in directing the production process and linking to the organizational strategy: the absence or inadequacies of asset-related activities cause insufficient production performance that negatively impacts the strategic achievement. Production Actions are mapped with reference to the activities of the hypothesized framework to stipulate the structure and role of engineering asset management system in a production organization. Production organizations can use the developed framework to check the required adequacy of their activities of the EAMS for success.



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