Indonesia's digital infrastructure for nuclear energy policy transparency



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Chatfield, A. Takeoka., Reddick, C. G. & Anggoro, Y. Dwi. (2016). Indonesia's digital infrastructure for nuclear energy policy transparency. Americas Conference on Information Systems 2016 Proceedings (pp. 1-10). United States: AIS Electronic Library.


In increasingly digitized and interconnected nations digital infrastructures (DIs) as a strategic asset present not only great promise but also great perils. There is a lack of DI research attention in the e-government field. This paper examines DIs for nuclear energy policy transparency towards public safety and environmental safety at Indonesia's government agency, BATAN, responsible for nuclear policy compliance, experimental nuclear reactors operation, and radiation risk management. Using website and content analysis we identified salient dimensions of extant DIs including sensors embedded in various environment monitoring systems and real-time radiation dose-related data and radiation warning systems. Despite the public opinion polls BATAN conducts annually on citizens' acceptance of using commercial nuclear power plants for electricity, however, other salient dimensions found in the literature such as website and social media for active forms of citizen engagement and policy transparency on the potential radiation hazards are still lacking at the agency level.

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