The effectiveness of big data in social networks



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Nyunt, K. & Zaman, N. (2015). The effectiveness of big data in social networks. In N. Zaman, M. Seliaman, M. Hassan & F. Garcia Marquez (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Trends and Future Directions in Big Data and Web Intelligence (pp. 362-381). United States: IGI Global.


In this chapter, we will discuss how "big data" is effective in "Social Networks" which will bring huge opportunities but difficulties though challenges yet ahead to the communities. Firstly, Social Media is a strategy for broadcasting, while Social Networking is a tool and a utility for connecting with others. For this perspective, we will introduce the characteristic and fundamental models of social networks and discuss the existing security and privacy for the user awareness of social networks in part I. Secondly, the technological built web based internet application of social media with Web2.0 application have transformed users to allow creation and exchange of user-generated content which play a role in big data of unstructured contents as well as structured contents. Subsequently, we will introduce the characteristic and landscaping of the big data in part II. Finally, we will discuss the algorithms for marketing and social media mining which play a role how big data fit into the social media data.

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