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Mcgree, J. M. & Eccleston, J. A. (2012). Robust designs for poisson regression models. Technometrics, 54 (1), 64-72.


We consider the problem of how to construct robust designs for Poisson regression models. An analytical expression is derived for robust designs for first-order Poisson regression models where uncertainty exists in the prior parameter estimates. Given cer- tain constraints in the methodology, it may be necessary to extend the robust designs for implementation in practical experiments. With these extensions, our methodology con- structs designs which perform similarly, in terms of estimation, to current techniques, and offers the solution in a more timely manner. We further apply this analytic result to cases where uncertainty exists in the linear predictor. The application of this method- ology to practical design problems such as screening experiments is explored. Given the minimal prior knowledge that is usually available when conducting such experiments, it is recommended to derive designs robust across a variety of systems. However, in- corporating such uncertainty into the design process can be a computationally intense exercise. Hence, our analytic approach is explored as an alternative.