Measuring, monitoring, and forecasting progress toward sustainability



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Cressie, N., Hoeting, J. A., Lele, S., Mcroberts, R., Ogle, K., Smith, R., Stefanski, L. & Ziv, G. (2011). Measuring, monitoring, and forecasting progress toward sustainability. In M. Cozzens & F. S. Roberts (Eds.), Mathematical and Statistical Challenges for Sustainability: Report of a Workshop held November 15-17, 2010 (pp. 102-118).


Measuring, monitoring and forecasting play a fundamental role in assessing progress and evaluating policies for the sustainability of both human well-being and natural resources. These objectives will involve observational data from the human and natural environment, as well as the effective development and application of computational models. The charge to our working group was to identify the contributions of mathematical scientists towards the fundamental research that is needed to develop effective tools, and the additional resources, including those involving data and computing, that are needed to bring these tools to effective application.

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