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Lin, G., Yu, T. & Teng, J. G. (2016). Design-oriented stress–strain model for concrete under combined FRP-steel confinement. Journal of Composites for Construction, 20 (4), 04015084-1-04015084-11.


Extensive research has been conducted on fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)-confined plain and RC columns, leading to a large number of stress–strain models. Most of these models have been developed for FRP-confined plain concrete and are thus applicable only to concrete in FRP-confined RC columns with a negligible amount of transverse steel reinforcement. The few models that have been developed for concrete under the combined confinement of FRP and transverse steel reinforcement are either inaccurate or too complex for direct use in design. This paper presents an accurate design-oriented stress–strain model for concrete under combined FRP-steel confinement in FRP-confined circular RC columns. The proposed model is formulated on the basis of extensive numerical results generated using an analysis-oriented stress–strain model recently proposed by the authors and properly captures the key characteristics of FRP-steel-confined concrete as revealed by existing test results. The model strikes a good balance between accuracy of prediction and simplicity of form and is shown to provide close predictions of test results and perform significantly better than existing stress–strain models of the same type.

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