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Saleh, A. A., Clausen, B., Brown, D. W., Pereloma, E. V., Davies, C. H. J., Tome, C. N. & Gazder, A. A. (2016). On the feasibility of partial slip reversal and de-twinning during the cyclic loading of TWIP steel. Materials Letters, 182 294-297.


A recently modified Elasto-Plastic Self-Consistent (EPSC) model which empirically accounts for both intergranular and intragranular back stresses has been successfully used to simulate the cyclic (tension-compression) loading behaviour of an Fe-24Mn-3Al-2Si-1Ni-0.06C TWinning Induced Plasticity (TWIP) steel between strain limits of ±1%. Lattice strain measurements acquired via in-situ neutron diffraction were used to further validate the modelling results. An improved prediction of the pronounced Bauschinger effect during unloading is achieved when the reversibility of partial slip in the 〈112〉 direction is accounted for. This result indicates a potential contribution of the stress-induced separation of partial dislocations to the observed early yielding at the low strain levels employed in this study. It also raises the possibility that de-twinning events could be operative during load reversal.

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