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Xiao, Y., Zhang, T., Ding, Z. & Li, C. (2016). The study of fuzzy proportional integral controllers based on improved particle swarm optimization for permanent magnet direct drivewind turbine converters. Energies, 9 (5), 343-1-343-17.


In order to meet the requirements of high precision and fast response of permanent magnet direct drive (PMDD) wind turbines, this paper proposes a fuzzy proportional integral (PI) controller associated with a new control strategy for wind turbine converters. The purpose of the control strategy is to achieve the global optimization for the quantization factors, ke and kec, and scale factors, kup and kui, of the fuzzy PI controller by an improved particle swarm optimization (PSO) method. Thus the advantages of the rapidity of the improved PSO and the robustness of the fuzzy controller can be fully applied in the control process. By conducting simulations for 2MWPMDD wind turbines with Matlab/Simulink, the performance of the fuzzy PI controller based on the improved PSO is demonstrated to be obviously better than that of the PI controller or the fuzzy PI controller without using the improved PSO under the situation when the wind speed changes suddenly.



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