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Waclawik, P., Lubomir, S., Nemcik, J., Konicek, P. & Kalab, T. (2016). Determination of stress state in rock mass using strain gauge probes CCBO. Procedia Engineering, 149 544-552.


The strain gauge probes of different construction are typically used for determination of stress state rock mass. The modified overcoring method known as the Compact Conical ended Borehole Overcoring method (CCBO) for stress state determination in rock mass was designed in Institute of Geonics of the CAS (IGN) in cooperation with Kumamoto University in Japan. The implemented adjustment of the overcoring method consists mainly in omitting the overcoring phase (stress relief phase). The probe is glued directly to the conically shaped end of a borehole. The data logger located within the conical probe enables continual strain monitoring directly in the conically shaped end of the borehohole during the overcoring procedure. The conical probe used to monitor stress changes, named Compact Conical ended Borehole Monitoring (CCBM), can continuously monitor rock strain changes in key locations due to mining. Many stress measurements using both strain gauge probes CCBO and CCBM were carried out in the last decade. These measurements were performed in varied rock mass adjacent to mine excavations. Most of the stress measurements were carried out in Carboniferous sedimentary rocks as part of the experimental work in the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB). Several stress measurements were carried out during the mine development operations and associated geotechnical exploration work while constructing the Milasín - Bukov underground gas storage (BUGS) [1], as well as the Bukov Underground Research Laboratory (BURL) [2]. Both underground facilities were designed within Rožná and Olší uranium deposits situated on the north-eastern margins of the Strážek Unit consisting of the metamorphic rock formations. Several measurements were carried out in granitic environments (igneous rocks) as part of the international "Large-Scale Monitoring" (LASMO) project in Grimsel (Switzerland) and in Josef underground laboratory (Bohemian massif). The article presents the basic principles and the methodology of stress measurements in rock mass using strain gauge probes and the data analysis from the variable rock environments.



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