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Halliwell, M. & Freeman, M. (2014). Beyond the game: issues with social media and sporting events. Proceedings of the 25th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, ACIS 2014 New Zealand: Auckland University of Technology.


Society today is being transformed through the use of Social Media. While the resulting changes are typically marketed as having positive benefits on society, there is a negative side to Social Networking platform usage. This paper considers the case of Social Networking use for a perceived sports betting incident at the Super Bowl XLVIII with boxer Floyd Mayweather, to demonstrate the modified experience some users faced during the sporting event as a result of Social Media. Analysis of the broadcast of negative sentiments associated with inappropriate use and misinformation demonstrates how Social Networking allows opinions and ideas to be spread on a global scale. This paper presents how rumour can lead to ramifications beyond the Social Networking platform and can affect platform users. Analysis is conducted through a theoretical framework that reflects the presence of individual users and identifies their behaviour as active participants in the information exchange process

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