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Zhou, Q., Wu, J., Wu, T., Shen, J. & Zhou, R. (2016). Learning network storage curriculum with experimental case based on embedded systems. Computer Applications in Engineering Education, 24 (2), 186-194.


In this paper, we present an experimental case for the course of "Network Storage and Security," which benefited from an improved learning outcome for our students. The newly designed experiments-based contents are merged into the current course to help students obtain practical experiences about network storage. The experiments aim to build a network storage system based on available resources instead of any specialized network storage equipment. Technically, students can learn general practical knowledge of network storage on iSCSI (a network storage protocol based on IP technology) and also the technologies of embedded system. Through the experimental case, we found that it could fully enhance students' comprehensive and practical abilities, develop students' teamwork spirit and creativity, and especially improve the learning outcome of network storage curriculum. These learning and thinking methods can also be generalized and applied to other computer science related courses.



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