Adoption of mobile technology in Higher Education: introduction



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Hu, J. (2015). Adoption of mobile technology in Higher Education: introduction. In Y. Zhang (Eds.), Handbook of Mobile Teaching and Learning (pp. 331-336). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.


With the evolution and upgrade of both telecommunication infrastructure and end user's devices, more and more students in higher education possess their own mobile devices connected to Internet with moderate computing power which burst the urge of mobile teaching and learning to allow people study from anywhere at any time. In January 2013, education apps shared 10.55 % of all active apps on Apple App Store, with 40 billion apps downloaded from the Apple App Store in early 2013. Although there are still many debates and barriers for mobile teaching and learning in the current stage such as the efficiency comparison to the traditional face-to-face teaching and the high costs of mobile data access and high costs of smart mobile devices, it is widely acknowledged that mobile devices have changed the style of living and learning especially for new generation. Therefore, the pioneers of adopting mobile teaching and learning around the world shared their experience from their practices and class with all the others to lead the way to better future mobile teaching and learning design and implementation.

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