Tutors in pockets for economics



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Zhang, Y. & Hu, J. (2015). Tutors in pockets for economics. In Y. Zhang (Eds.), Handbook of Mobile Teaching and Learning (pp. 291-307). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.


Mobile teaching and learning has been adopted in the higher education for many years. Mobile teaching has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to traditional teaching methods. Mobile app provides a good solution as an assisting teaching tool to solve misconception problems. TutorsinPockets (TIPs) is a mobile app designed and implemented in University of Wollongong. It is designed as an assisting teaching and learning tool for economic subjects. The project is designed as a flexible framework for teaching materials, which can be easily expanded into other majors and subjects if needed. Any mobile device supported multimedia materials can be used in this app, such as video, audio, picture, web-link, and text. This app is also designed to be easily connected with existing e-learning systems and models as a value-added tool. To provide an equal access to those developed teaching materials for the students using other mobile devices and students without a mobile device, the teaching materials are also adopted in lectures and tutorials. Both face-to-face interviews and online surveys are adopted to collect students' and staffs' feedback on this project. The results show that TIPs app has positive influence on students' learning efficiency, understanding of complex conceptions, long-term memories, correcting of some misconceptions, engaging in discussion with other students and teachers, and performances in subjects. Students also agree that it helps them to use small time fractions (such as waiting for a bus) to study at anytime and anywhere.

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