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S. A. H. Jafari, F. Safaei, B. Kosasih & K. C. S. Kwok, "Power generation analysis of PowerWindow, a linear wind generator, using computational fluid dynamic simulations," Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, vol. 147, pp. 226-238, 2015.


A new linear wind generator (LWG), named PowerWindow, is introduced. The modular and scalable LWG is capable of generating power in low wind velocity condition, and hence can be an effective and safe power generator in built environments. The aerodynamic mechanism of the LWG power generation is elucidated using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations, and the results are validated against the experimental data obtained from the prototype wind tunnel tests. The simulations provide important insights into the flow field in and around LWG particularly over the front and rear blades and how each one contributes to the power generation. This study shows that PowerWindow can generate power with an acceptable coefficient of performance (CP≈0.15) in very low linear velocity ratio (λ≈0.2), which is not achievable in most conventional wind turbines at comparable size.



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