Achieving maximum utilization of peer's upload capacity in p2p networks using SVC



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M. Raheel, R. Raad & C. H. Ritz, "Achieving maximum utilization of peer’s upload capacity in p2p networks using SVC," Peer-to-peer networking and publications, vol. 10, (1) pp. 45-65, 2017.


We propose an algorithm that exploits the properties of Scalable Video Coding (SVC) in order to minimize the upload bandwidth at each peer. More specifically, we propose streaming different layers of the same video from different peers. The paper defines an optimization problem to handle the upload bandwidth at each peer. However, the solution to the proposed problem is NP complete. Therefore, we propose an approximation algorithm to solve this problem. In addition, seed servers are introduced in order to deal with extra load in the network. The proposed method provides better performance as compared to the current approaches that use single layer video in combination with SVC. We have compared our simulation results with the model proposed in Shabnam and Mohamed (2010). The simulation results show that the proposed model improves diversity, increases average video quality, reduces the effect of churn and manages flash crowds.

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