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Anderson, J., Robinson, D. A. & Ma, Z. (2016). Energy analysis of net zero energy buildings: a case study. In P. Kvols. Heiselberg (Eds.), CLIMA 2016: Proceedings of the 12th REHVA World Congress (pp. 1-10). Denmark: Aalborg University.


The building sector is a significant contributor to global energy usage and environmental emissions. Advanced building design, optimal selection and sizing of building components, and energy efficient operation are among the key ways of significantly reducing overall building energy demand. Achieving reduction in energy demand is a key directive of the net zero energy building concept. Building designs dedicated to meeting net zero energy building requirements are becoming more commonplace as a path towards reducing the overall emissions from the built environment. This work analyses the energy demand of a net zero energy office building and compares it with a more standard commercial building design. Through analysis of energy use, the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures incorporated in the net zero energy building are evaluated and results provided.