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Fatahi, B., Khabbaz, H. & Basack, S. (2011). Effects of salinity and sand content on liquid limit and hydraulic conductivity. Australian Geomechanics Journal, 46 (1), 67-76.


Soil conditions of construction sites have become worse than ever due to the overpopulation in the metropolitan areas throughout the world. Likewise, the prevention of environmental risks due to individual activities is one of the most important subjects in the geo-environmental problems. Saline soils may induce several problems in geotechnical engineering projects such as infrastructure embankments, road construction and clay liners. Effect of the various concentrations of sodium chloride (NaCl) on several different soils including bentonite, kaolinite and fine sand mixtures has been evaluated. In addition, influence of salinity and the period of submergence on the hydraulic conductivity of soil samples collected from a certain area of east coast of India was investigated. The results show that the liquid limit of the mixtures generally decreases with an increase in the salt concentration. Liquid limit decreased significantly with an increase in NaCl concentration up to a certain level. However, a further increase in the concentration does not induce any significant decrease in liquid limit. Furthermore, the soil hydraulic conductivity increase with the salt concentration and with increase in the period of submergence, the hydraulic conductivity of the soil increases asymptotically.