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Flentje, P. N., Stirling, D. A. & Palamakumbure, D. (2012). An Inventory of Landslides within the Sydney Basin to aid the development of a refined Susceptibility Zoning. Australian - New Zealand Conference on Geomechanics (ANZ) Australian Geomechanics Society and the New Zealand Geotechnical Society.


The University of Wollongong GIS-based Landslide Inventory is currently being expanded from its Illawarra centric coverage (664 landslides) to include the 31,000km2 geological extent of the Sydney Basin and ultimately all of New South Wales (hereafter this inventory will be referred to as the NSW LI). In 1998, this inventory stood at 319 sites of instability and in 2010 it had grown to 616 landslides. The population of the Sydney Basin in 2006 was approximately 4.9 million people, representing approximately one quarter of the population of Australia. When this current phase of expansion is completed, the NSW LI will include up to 1600 landslide sites, and it will continue to expand over the next few years. The NSW LI is being redesigned following an international literature review and is being re-compiled into an ESRI ArcGIS v10 Geodatabase. This work is being undertaken in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Wollongong with a joint Faculty of Engineering and SMART doctoral research scholarship that commenced in late 2011. In tandem with this development, additional GIS-based datasets are being compiled to facilitate the refined modelling of Landslide Susceptibility across the Sydney Basin Region.