QoE based P2P scalable video streaming over mobile Ad Hoc Networks



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M. Raheel, R. Raad & C. Ritz, "QoE based P2P scalable video streaming over mobile Ad Hoc Networks," in Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies, 2015 9th International Conference on, 2015, pp. 311-317.


This paper studies the resource allocation problem for efficiently utilizing network resources for distributing video over a peer to peer mobile ad hoc network. We define an NP complete linear optimization problem to handle the upload bandwidth available across each node. Scalable video coding is used to maximize the quality of experience among users and to distribute the load and reduce the consumed power across different nodes. We propose a QoE based energy efficient (QEE) model that provides an approximation algorithm and compare with other previously proposed models [18][19]. Furthermore, the model is also compared with non-quality of experience plus non-energy efficient (NQNE) and a quality of experience plus non-energy efficient (QNE) models. Simulation results show that the proposed model achieves better quality of experience, a lower power consumption and performs better under network churn.

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