Visualising the effect of DG on voltage profile in medium voltage distribution networks



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Y. Nigar, A. P. Agalgaonkar & P. Ciufo, "Visualising the effect of DG on voltage profile in medium voltage distribution networks," in Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC), 2015 IEEE PES Asia-Pacific, 2015, pp. 1-5.


Distributed renewable generation is increasing all over the world. The effect of Distributed Generation (DG) on system voltage profile can be examined through sensitivity studies. The sensitivity matrix depicts variations in the voltage magnitude with respect to changes in active and reactive power associated with loads and local generation at different buses in the system. This sensitivity matrix represents a large amount of data which is difficult to interpret. Furthermore the vast amount of information becomes cumbersome to utilise during the design process. Visualisation can be used as an effective tool to examine the voltage magnitudes and the spheres of influence created by DG installations at different buses. To identify the system condition in a clear and insightful way, visualisation is carried out on a 33 bus distribution network using MATLAB.

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