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S. Elphick, V. Smith, V. Gosbell, S. Perera, P. Ciufo & G. Drury, "Characteristics of power quality disturbances in Australia: Voltage dips at low-voltage sites," IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, vol. 9, (15) pp. 2382-2388, 2015.


Voltage dips are considered to be one of the costliest of all power quality disturbances due to their disruption of industrial and commercial operations. The ability to characterise the voltage dip performance of distribution networks has many benefits for industry. There is considerable potential for industry to make large economic gains if voltage dip behaviour can be better understood and planned for. To put strategies in place to deal with voltage dips, there is a need for extensive data collection and analysis so that correct planning decisions can be made. This study details the characteristics of voltage dip data which has been collected at low-voltage sites in Australia over a 9 year period. The data is displayed in a number of different formats to aid analysis.



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