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X. Tang, A. Bouzerdoum & S. Lam. Phung, "Video classification based on spatial gradient and optical flow descriptors," in Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA), 2015 International Conference on, 2015, pp. 1-8.


Feature point detection and local feature extraction are the two critical steps in trajectory-based methods for video classification. This paper proposes to detect trajectories by tracking the spatiotemporal feature points in salient regions instead of the entire frame. This strategy significantly reduces noisy feature points in the background region, and leads to lower computational cost and higher discriminative power of the feature set. Two new spatiotemporal descriptors, namely the STOH and RISTOH are proposed to describe the spatiotemporal characteristics of the moving object. The proposed method for feature point detection and local feature extraction is applied for human action recognition. It is evaluated on three video datasets: KTH, YouTube, and Hollywood2. The results show that the proposed method achieves a higher classification rate, even when it uses only half the number of feature points compared to the dense sampling approach. Moreover, features extracted from the curvature of the motion surface are more discriminative than features extracted from the spatial gradient.

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