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Freeman, M. Bruce. (2015). Using the Wii Remote for mobile device application testing: a proof-of-concept. International Journal of Handheld Computing Research, 6 (1), 34-43.


There has been a dramatic shift in the interaction methods of mobile devices over the past decade. From devices simply being able to make phone calls to being able to handle complex tasks traditionally performed on personal computers PCs; this change has led to new interaction issues that need to be understood during the application development process, particularly as these devices now commonly incorporate a touch-screen as their primary source of input. Currently, the methods of conducting software user experience testing of these devices employs techniques that were developed for PCs, however mobile devices are used within different contexts of use. This research initially reviews the current methods for user experience testing of applications running on mobile devices and then presents, through a proof-of-concept approach, an innovative method for conducting user experience testing employing actual devices.



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