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Ang, Y., Ang, L. K., Zhang, C. & Ma, Z. (2016). Nonlocal transistor based on pure crossed Andreev reflection in a EuO-graphene/superconductor hybrid structure. Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 93 (4), 041422-1-041422-5.


We study the interband transport in a superconducting device composed of graphene with EuO-induced exchange interaction. We show that pure crossed Andreev reflection can be generated exclusively without the parasitic local Andreev reflection and elastic cotunnelling over a wide range of bias and Fermi levels in an EuO-graphene/superconductor/EuO-graphene device. The pure nonlocal conductance exhibits rapid on-off switching and oscillatory behavior when the Fermi levels in the normal and the superconducting leads are varied. The oscillation reflects the quasiparticle propagation in the superconducting lead and can be used as a tool to probe the subgap quasiparticle mode in superconducting graphene, which is inaccessible from the current-voltage characteristics. Our results suggest that the device can be used as a highly tunable transistor that operates purely in the nonlocal and spin-polarized transport regime.

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