Dispersion of lime in coke analogue and its effect on gasification in CO2



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Jayasekara, A. S., Monaghan, B. J. & Longbottom, R. J. (2016). Dispersion of lime in coke analogue and its effect on gasification in CO2. Fuel: the science and technology of fuel and energy, 182 73-79.


All rights reserved. A coke analogue with a simplified carbon structure, mineral particle size and distribution was used for the study of coke reactivity to address experimental uncertainty issues introduced by coke's complexity and heterogeneity. The main focus was to assess the effects of CaO (lime) on the analogue's reaction kinetics. In this study coke gasification in CO2 over the temperature range of 1023-1623 K is investigated using the coke analogue. The analogue's reactivity in CO2 was found to be increased, relative to the coke analogue with no minerals. This agrees with the effect of CaO in general coke studies. It was observed that the behaviour of the Ca in the analogue was not typically found for other minerals studied, as CaO appeared to go into solution within the analogue carbon matrix. In this paper, some analysis for this dissolution effect and its influence on rapid reaction rate of Ca doped coke analogue are presented.

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