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Tang, L., Wang, X., Liu, H. & Wang, L. (2010). A multi-resolution approach to learning with overlapping communities. International Workshop on Social Media Analytics, in conjunction with the 16th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (pp. 1-9).


The recent few years have witnessed a rapid surge of par- ticipatory web and social media, enabling a new laboratory for studying human relations and collective behavior on an unprecedented scale. In this work, we attempt to harness the predictive power of social connections to determine the preferences or behaviors of individuals such as whether a user supports a certain political view, whether one likes one product, whether he/she would like to vote for a presidential candidate, etc. Since an actor is likely to participate in mul- tiple dierent communities with each regulating the actor's behavior in varying degrees, and a natural hierarchy might exist between these communities, we propose to zoom into a network at multiple dierent resolutions and determine which communities are informative of a targeted behavior. We develop an ecient algorithm to extract a hierarchy of overlapping communities. Empirical results on several large- scale social media networks demonstrate the superiority of our proposed approach over existing ones without consider- ing the multi-resolution or overlapping property, indicating its highly promising potential in real-world applications



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