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Xu, R. Yang., Huang, X., Zhang, J., Lu, Y., Wu, G. & Yan, Z. (2015). Software defined intelligent building. International Journal of Information Security and Privacy, 9 (3), 84-99.


The networks of intelligent building are usually consist of a great number of smart devices. Since many smart devices only support on-site configuration and upgrade, and communication between devices could be observed and even altered by attackers, efficiency and security are two key concerns in maintaining and managing the devices used in intelligent building networks. In this paper, the authors apply the technology of software defined networking to satisfy the requirement for efficiency in intelligent building networks. More specific, a protocol stack in smart devices that support OpenFlow is designed. In addition, the authors designed the lightweight security mechanism with two foundation protocols and a full protocol that uses the foundation protocols as example. Performance and session key establishment for the security mechanism are also discussed.



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