Framework for implementation of higher-level control for over-actuated electric vehicles



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S. C. McTrustry, P. Commins & H. Du, "Framework for implementation of higher-level control for over-actuated electric vehicles," in 2015 IEEE Conference on Control Applications (CCA): Proceedings, 2015, pp. 1002-1007.


This paper will outline the development of a vehicle dynamics simulation framework using Matlab/Simulink and SimScape utilising the block based system modelling technique. This framework is used for implementing higher-level control architectures for distributed drive and torque vectoring strategies for Over Actuated Electric Ground Vehicles (OAEGV). Research and development of OAEGVs has been increasing over recent years, as such the work presented in this paper aims to produce a baseline framework for the simulation of important vehicle performance indicators to aid in the design process. A block based solution using Matlab/Simulink and SimScape also allows for a parametric, broad purpose simulation framework with hardware and software in the loop capabilities for rapid deployment of code.

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