Alternative planning and land administration for future smart cities



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Sabri, S., Rajabifard, A., Ho, S., Namazi-Rad, M. & Pettit, C. (2015). Alternative planning and land administration for future smart cities. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 34 (4), 33-35, 73.


According to urban scholars, industries,and governments [1], [2], future cities are only smart when investments in human and social capital (smart people), traditional transport (smart mobility), and modern digital infrastructure (ICTs) fuel smart sustainable development. The sustainability elements in a smart development refer to high quality of life (smart living, productivity (smart economy), and a wise management of natural resources (smart environment), through participatory governance (smart governance). The long-term planning approach with its central aim of changing the urban form using zoning regulations and improving transportation may no longer be the only conceivable solution [3]. Participants in planning and land development processes formulating plans today are predominantly land developers, entrepreneurs, and landlords. However, community groups are increasingly active participants, providing a counterbalance to the profit-driven agenda of corporations [4].

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