Solutions to the anti-piracy problem in oblivious transfer



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Xu, L., Zhang, F., Susilo, W. & Wen, Y. (2016). Solutions to the anti-piracy problem in oblivious transfer. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 82 (3), 466-476.


In this paper, we consider the applications of digital fingerprinting in oblivious transfer (OT) and present the solutions to the anti-piracy problem in OT protocols. OT protocols can be applied to goods purchasing, pay-per-view TV and sensitive database access while maintaining the users' privacy. In these applications, if the users redistribute the messages that they acquired from the server's database or sell them to others, then both of the server's privacy and benefits will be damaged. Prior to this work, such an anti-piracy problem has never been considered in the OT protocols, even though it is an essential problem to make OT protocols adoptable in practice. In this work, we consider this problem for the first time and present practical solutions, by combining a digital fingerprinting scheme into OT, to provide the pirate-tracing in OT protocols. By performance analysis, our solutions turn out to be practical.

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