Provably secure identity based provable data possession



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Yu, Y., Zhang, Y., Mu, Y. & Liu, H., "Provably secure identity based provable data possession," Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 9451, pp. 310-325, 2015.


Provable Data Possession (PDP), which enables cloud users to verify the integrity of their outsourced data without retrieving the entire file from cloud servers, is highly essential in secure cloud storage. A majority of the existing PDP schemes rely on the expensive Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). In this paper, we eliminate the complex certificate management of PDP by presenting a generic construction of identitybased PDP (ID-PDP) protocol, derived from identity-based signatures (IBS) and traditional PDP protocols. We formalize the security model of ID-PDP and prove that the soundness of the generic construction depends on the security of the underlying PDP protocols and the IBS. Then, a concrete ID-PDP protocol is described as an instance of the generic construction to a state-of-the-art PDP protocol due to Shacham and Waters. The implementation shows that our ID-PDP protocol is efficient and practical.

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