Apple Watch temptation: just visit the App Store



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Michael, K. & Michael, M. G. (2015). Apple Watch temptation: just visit the App Store. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 4 (4), 120-122.


The Apple Watch is a music player, fitness tracker, communications device, payment token, digital key, and last but not least, a watch that tells the time! We are surprised that no one has claimed that it will also help look after our kids-well, actually they have, just visit the App Store. Who would have thought that the power of an Internet-enabled laptop computer, mobile phone, iPod, Fitbit, bank card, and set of keys could be neatly packaged and strapped around your wrist. This begs the vital question: How will we change our behaviors based on the fact that we are walking around with a full-fledged computer that sits in contact with our bodies and communicates wirelessly with machines around us without our knowledge? Apparently, we're all going to look more athletic and stylish, be smarter and more accessible, and have a lot more convenience at our fingertips. But in actuality, we'll be reaching for the mute button, longing to be disconnected, and fed up with all the notifications interrupting us. That's when the novelty effect wears off.

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