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Gritti, C., Susilo, W. & Plantard, T. (2015). Efficient dynamic provable data possession with public verifiability and data privacy. In E. Foo & D. Stebila (Eds.), Information Security and Privacy: Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Conference, ACISP 2015 (pp. 395-412). Switzerland: Springer.


We present a Dynamic Provable Data Possession (PDP) system with Public Verifiability and Data Privacy. Three entities are involved: a client who is the owner of the data to be stored, a server that stores the data and a Third Party Auditor (TPA) who may be required when the client wants to check the integrity of its data stored on the server. The system is publicly verifiable with the possible help of the TPA who acts on behalf of the client. The system exhibits data dynamicity at block level allowing data insertion, deletion and modification to be performed. Finally, the system is secure at the untrusted server and data private. We present a practical PDP system by adopting asymmetric pairings to gain efficiency and reduce the group exponentiation and pairing operations. In our scheme, no exponentiation and only three pairings are required during the proof of data possession check, which clearly outperforms all the existing schemes in the literature. Furthermore, our protocol supports proof of data possession on as many data blocks as possible at no extra cost.

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