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Gritti, C., Susilo, W., Plantard, T., Lang, K. & Wong, D. S. (2016). Broadcast encryption with dealership. International Journal of Information Security, 15 (3), 271-283.


In this paper, we introduce a new cryptographic primitive called broadcast encryption with dealership. This notion, which has never been discussed in the cryptography literature, is applicable to many realistic broadcast services, for example subscription-based television service. Specifically, the new primitive enables a dealer to bulk buy the access to some products (e.g., TV channels) from the broadcaster, and hence, it will enable the dealer to resell the contents to the subscribers with a cheaper rate. Therefore, this creates business opportunity model for the dealer. We highlight the security consideration in such a scenario and capture the security requirements in the security model. Subsequently, we present a concrete scheme, which is proven secure under the decisional bilinear Diffie-Hellman exponent and the Diffie-Hellman exponent assumptions.



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