Green-PolyH: a green traffic engineering solution over uncertain demands



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A. Ruiz-Rivera, K. Chin & S. Soh, "Green-PolyH: a green traffic engineering solution over uncertain demands," in Proceedings of the 2015 International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ITNAC), 2015, pp. 126-130.


Green traffic engineering (TE) solutions play a central role in minimizing the energy expenditure of a network where they seek the minimal links/routers/switches required to support a given traffic demand. A key limitation, however, is that they are not designed to be robust against random traffic demands. To this end, this paper reports the first robust, green TE solution, called Green-PolyH, that considers demands defined by a given polyhedral set. Advantageously, Green-PolyH ensures all such demands do not cause the utilization of links to exceed a given threshold. Our experiments over well-known topologies show that savings above 80% are achievable whilst remaining robust to traffic changes.

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