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Shi, W., Chen, Q., Nimbalkar, S. & Liu, W. (2017). A new mixing technique for solidifier and dredged fill in coastal area. Marine Georesources and Geotechnology, 35 (1), 52-61.


One of the major drawbacks of the conventional method of land reclamation, which involves mixing cement with the dredged soils at the disposal site, is the high cost associated with the manufacturing and transportation. In this study, a new solidified dredged fill (SDF) technique and a new additive is proposed and their applications into practice are discussed. Unlike the conventional approach, the dredged marine soils were mixed with the solidifiers using a new designed mixing technique prior to its transport to site, which could significantly reduce the cost of site machinery and effectively reclaim land with adequate engineering properties necessary for the construction of infrastructure. To evaluate the performance of the reclaimed land using the proposed technique, a series of laboratory and field tests (viz. static and dynamic cone penetration tests, plate load tests) were conducted on the ground filled with and without solidified dredged marine soils, respectively. The results show that the engineering behaviour of the reclaimed land with dredged marine soils using SDF technique can be significantly improved. The SDF technique combined with the newly designed mixing system improved the performance of ground and is thus proved to be both cost-effective and safe.



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