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L. Qiu, X. Jiang & R. Ling, "Tibetan word sense disambiguation based on a semantic knowledge network diagram," Journal of Digital Information Management, vol. 13, (5) pp. 346-353, 2015.


The method based on semantic knowledge is the most dynamic research direction in rule-based techniques. This method has been proven effective in studying English and Chinese word sense disambiguation. This study proposes two methods for selecting the correct Chinese meaning of Tibetan ambiguous words from Tibetan sentences in Tibetan-Chinese parallel corpora using semantic knowledge from HowNet and translation information from the aforementioned corpora. We can use these methods to build Tibetan-Chinese parallel corpora with word sense tagging. The two proposed methods are 1) the word sense disambiguation method based on HowNet and Tibetan-Chinese parallel corpora, and; 2) the semantic knowledge-based method of network diagram word sense disambiguation.