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Zhang, L., Lu, C., Zhang, J. & Tieu, K. (2016). A dual deformation mechanism of grain boundary at different stress stages. Materials Letters, 167 278-283.


Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation with embedded-atom method (EAM) potential was carried out to study the structure and shear response of an asymmetric tilt grain boundary in copper bicrystal. A non-planar structure with dissociated intrinsic stacking faults was observed in the grain boundary. Simulation results show that this type of structure can significantly increase the ductility of the simulation sample under shear deformation. A dual deformation mechanism of the grain boundary was observed; the grain boundary can be a source of dislocation emission and migrate itself at different stress stages. The result of this study can provide further information to understand the grain boundary mediated plasticity in nanocrystalline materials.

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