Flow-induced vibration characteristics of pivoted cylinders with splitter-plates



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Johnstone, A. Dennis. & Stappenbelt, B. (2016). Flow-induced vibration characteristics of pivoted cylinders with splitter-plates. Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 14 (1), 53-63.


Experiments have been performed to investigate the characteristics of the flow-induced vibration response of pivoted rigid circular cylinders with attached wake splitter-plates. Motion of the cylinder was constrained to the plane normal to the flow direction and the response characteristics were assessed in regard to the peak angular excursion of the cylinder and the frequency of the cylinder oscillation. Across the range of splitter-plate lengths tested 0.5 < l/D ≤ 3.0, large angular excursions of a galloping-type response were observed together with reduction in the oscillation frequency of the cylinder with increased splitter-plate length.

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