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Linghu, K., Jiang, Z., Tang, W., Yu, M., Wang, F. & Huang, X. (2015). Research on self-centering ability of tapered roll for initial flatness waves of steel strip in the continuous annealing furnace. In P. Yarlagadda (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Material, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (pp. 1649-1654). Atlantis Press.


The snaking of strip in the continuous annealing furnace affects both the process stability of production line significantly and the quality of final products. This paper for the first time proposed the self-centering ability of tapered hearth roll on initial flatness of strip travelling in the furnace and a FEM model that coupling the strip and furnace roll is constructed to simulate the traveling process of strip in the furnace. The self-centering ability is quite different with respect to the different initial flatness waves of strip traveling in the furnace and can be used for optimization of initial flatness of strip for stability improvement.



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